By Phil PlaitPublished Apr 12, 2018 04:27PMWhen the owners of the Pittsburgh Penguins drafted a defenseman in the first round in 2006, it was no surprise they chose Pittsburgh Penguins center Chris Kunitz.

In Pittsburgh, Kunitz was a player of the future.

Pittsburgh Penguins centerChris Kunitz (3) celebrates a goal with defenseman Mike Hoffman (1) during the second period against the San Jose Sharks at the SAP Center on March 25, 2019 in San Jose, California.

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)As a rookie, Kunitzer was named captain of the Penguins in 2006-07 and led the team in points and goals in his first full season.

He was named to the All-Rookie Team in 2007-08 and made the All Stars roster in 2008-09.

The following season, Kuniz was named the Rookie of the Year.

He would go on to play two seasons with the Penguins and finish his career with 11 goals and 29 assists.

He also won the Stanley Cup with the New York Islanders in 2011.

A lot has changed in Kunitz’s career since then.

The 30-year-old is now a captain for the Chicago Blackhawks, but he’s still focused on hockey and helping the city in a variety of ways.

He’s still a regular on the team’s radio shows, but when not on the air, he’s always busy doing charity work in Pittsburgh.

Kunitz’s focus is on helping kids in need in the city.

He and his wife, Susan, are raising money for the Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital and the Pittsburgh Rescue Mission.

The Penguins also have a number of charitable organizations, including the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, the Children of the Revolution, the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank and the Greater Greater Pittsburgh Foundation.

The organization he started in 2007 is called the Kids in Need Foundation.

They’ve donated more than $8 million to the organization, helping kids from birth to age 18.

The Kunitzs are a regular donor to the Children in Need Society and also provide a monthly check to the city of Pittsburgh.

When the Penguins signed Kunitz to a one-year, $5.5 million contract in 2018, it wasn’t the first time he had done charity work.

The Penguins have donated more then $5 million to charity over the years, according to Penguins general manager Jim Rutherford.

In fact, Kunz is a regular contributor to Pittsburgh’s charities.

In 2017, he donated $1.2 million to support the Pittsburgh Steelers charitable foundation.

He was also a regular visitor to the Penguins charitable fund in 2018.

He visited the Pittsburgh Aquarium, the Penguins charity fund and the Childrens Museum of the Republic.

In his latest season with the Pittsburgh Pirates, Kuntz contributed $3.3 million to a Pittsburgh Pirates Foundation.

He also helped raise money for children’s charities and other organizations.