Google has launched two smart home brands for the UK market, smart home products that make it easier to integrate smart devices into homes and to integrate them into homes with the help of a smartphone or tablet.

The new products are Gewiss Smart Home, which sells smart lights, and the Gewix Smart Home System, which can control smart lights with a tablet or smart phone.

Gewiss and Gewiz Smart Home products are the latest to join a growing list of smart home hardware, software and accessories available in the UK.

Both products come with integrated smart home control features, and Gwix has made smart home devices like the Gwiss SmartHome System compatible with Amazon Alexa, which is now available for the Amazon Echo.

The two new smart home product launches were announced in London at the Google I/O conference.

Gewis Smart Home is now in the market, and will be available in Europe and the United States later this year.

The product includes two smart lights in a range of styles: a full-size LED-light with two LEDs and a smaller light that has two LEDs.

The Gewes Smart Home system can control the LED-lights using a smartphone, tablet or connected smart home automation device.

Gwix is offering a range that also includes an Alexa-enabled smart light and a smart light with an infrared sensor that can be controlled with a smartphone.

The Gwis SmartHome system also supports smart home controls for smart lighting, smart lights and smart home entertainment.

It includes an LED-sensing sensor that is able to detect the temperature of a room and will turn on and off the lights according to that temperature.

The system is also compatible with a range, including those that include an infrared thermometer, thermostat and other sensors.

The new products offer two new functions: an automatic and an intelligent lighting system.

The automatic system can be programmed to change the light brightness automatically based on a range or set of settings.

The intelligent lighting can also be programmed using a web-based interface.

Both products are priced at £79.99 ($119.99), with a free 30-day trial period.

The devices can be ordered through Google’s online store.