The smart home market is undergoing a renaissance, and it’s poised to continue that momentum with the Eve smart home platform.

The Eve smart device connects to the internet via 802.11ac Wi-Fi, which is a wireless standard that allows devices to communicate with each other over the air, and enables them to act as a virtual switchboard for all of your devices.

This means Eve can be plugged into a wall, in a bedroom, or even in a kitchen, and then remotely activate and control devices in the home.

Eve is not a “home hub” per se, but rather a standalone device that plugs into your home network and allows you to control the devices in your home remotely.

It works similarly to the Nest thermostat, but Eve’s smart hub has more advanced features like smart home monitoring and remote control.

This makes it a better option for those looking to build a smart home that can do more than just connect to the Internet. Read more