A number of smart home hubs and smart speakers use infrared sensors to detect motion, which in turn gives them the ability to control their functions.

But what about when the sensor detects an external button?

That could mean the device can now be controlled remotely.

To do this, the hub or speaker needs to be connected to a USB-C port, and then an IR sensor can be plugged into the hub to turn it on and off.

The sensor detects movement and sends an IR pulse, which is detected by a software-based infrared controller.

The IR pulse can then be read by the firmware on the hub.

The firmware can then adjust the settings to control the IR pulse.

This gives the hub and speaker the ability, for example, to send and receive messages, or to wake the user by pressing a button.

The remote control is powered by the internal battery and requires only the hub’s USB-A port to operate.

However, it can be paired with an IR blaster for even more remote control options.

Here’s how it works.

To set up the smart hub and speakers, you’ll need a USB cable, a smartphone with a microUSB port, a power adapter, and an IR Blaster (sold separately).

The IR Blaster plugs into your phone’s microUSB slot and has a microSD card slot.

The microUSB cable plugs into the microUSB jack on the smartphone.

You’ll also need a Micro-HDMI cable, which can be connected in series with the microSD slot to connect the IR Blaster to the HDMI port on your computer.

You should have the IR blaster connected to your computer via a micro-USB cable that’s not in a slot that’s connected to the IR Sensor.

If you don’t, the IR sensor will not work with your computer’s IR Blaster.

You can find the Micro-SD slot on most computers.

Once you’ve connected the micro-SD card, plug it into the IR Receiver and the IR controller will be powered by a USB power adapter.

The power adapter will be plugged in to the micro USB port on the IR Controller, so you don)t have to plug it in.

Plug the IR receiver into your computer, and you’ll be ready to start controlling your devices.