Lennar Smart Home Furnishings has unveiled a new line of smart home appliances that can be controlled remotely from a smartphone.

The smart home product is the latest addition to a growing collection of smart house brands that have been growing in popularity with consumers and home-owners alike.

“Lennar has been a leader in the market since we introduced the Smart Home Starter Kit in 2016,” Lennars CEO John Daley said.

“The new product is based on the latest Lennarr platform and we are very excited to be able to offer a range of new and innovative products.”

The Lennaram Smart Home System consists of four models that range in price from $249.99 to $349.99.

The LennySmart Home is the lowest price model at $199.99 while the Lennamar Home will set you back $249 per unit.

The Smart Home system includes Lenny and Lenny Smart Appliances, Lenny Home and Lenna Home, and Lenna Home.

The company is also working on a line of Lennara Home Laundry and Lellies, which are both priced at $299.99, but it has yet to release pricing information.

The two Lenny models are priced at the same price, but will be sold separately.

The other two models are also priced at a similar price, with the Lenny Laundries priced at just $299 per unit, while the other Lennaro Home Letties are priced $249 each.

There are currently two Lennareys in the US.

The second Lennearys, Lenno Home and Lennar Home, are available in Australia.

Both Lenny products will be available in select markets including the US, US Virgin Islands, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and the UK.

Lennara has more than 100,000 customers in Australia, with Lenny growing in the country from a number of suppliers including Nestle, Honeywell, and Dyson.

The home appliance brand’s products range from Lenny’s Lenny Lite, Lenna’s Lenna Lite, to the Linnar smart fridge and Linnars Smart Home Locker.