Fin smart homes will start shipping in Q1, and a few days later, they will also be available to customers, according to the company’s CEO.

The company is hoping that the introduction of Fin smart locks will help it attract new customers and boost sales of its products.

“Our goal for Q4 is to hit that goal,” said Jeroen van Dijk, CEO of Fin, at the company launch event on Wednesday.

Fin is a Finnish company that makes eco-friendly home security devices, and its latest product, the Fin-smart Lock, is the first of its kind.

Its main selling point is its modularity, which can be expanded by adding additional components, including locks, doors, curtains and security sensors.

Fin has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund its product, which aims to deliver a fully modular smart lock by the end of the year.

It has raised €8.8 million so far, and plans to have its first shipments on the market by the middle of next year.

The startup, which has a strong track record in the eco-smart home space, has been in the spotlight in the past few months after its founder, Niklas Linder, posted on Facebook that he would not be giving up on the startup.

Linder then posted a video showing his plans to buy the company, which was then shared on Reddit.

Fin said that Linder was not an employee, but rather an investor, and that he had no say in the company.

“It is very important for us to not be able to comment on his business,” said van Dijk.

“We are not in any way associated with his business, but we are in the process of investing,” he added.

Fin also revealed that its product lineup is also expanding, with a range of smart locks already on sale and plans for more.

The company has plans to launch a new line of smart home security products later this year, and it is also working on a smart home lighting system that will help its customers save energy and increase security.

The Fin smart lock features a large number of built-in security sensors that help users lock down their home.

They include a built-into security door sensor that can detect the presence of intruders, a built in thermostat that will adjust the temperature to a specified temperature, and an LED light sensor that lets users know when they need to turn the lights on or off.

Fin’s new smart home locks feature a modular design that allows customers to easily expand their locks and add additional components.

Fin said the modularity allows for greater flexibility than standard smart locks.

“This modularity can make it possible to have different locks for different types of home environments,” said Van Dijk.

Fin will launch a range more security products over the coming months, and will also continue to build its existing range of products.

The new products include a range smart lock, which is the world’s first modular smart home lock.

The lock features built-to-order components and will be available in early 2019.