Crestron Inc. said on Thursday it has unveiled the new Crestron smart homes hub, a home automation hub and remote controller.

The Crestron Home Hub, which goes on sale in April, is a combination of the Crestron Hub and Crestron Remote Control and features a 12-inch, 13,500-watt color display, a digital clock and an accelerometer for remote control.

Crestron also said the device can be powered from a rechargeable battery and can operate on any compatible wall outlet.

The company said it expects the Home Hub to be the “next generation of smart home accessories,” as it offers a new way for users to control their homes remotely.

The Home Hub is available for $149.99.

The Crestron hub features a 10-inch display, and the Creston Remote Control is the company’s first home automation product.

The Remote Control comes with a 12.9-inch LCD display and a 2-GHz quad-core processor.

The Home Hub comes with six Wi-Fi hotspots, five Bluetooth connections and four USB ports.

The device also supports an optional smart home automation app, which offers up to 15,000 hours of entertainment content, as well as a digital music player, remote controls, a light bar and a music player that can be used as a wall outlet, according to the company.

Crestron Home hub: The Creston smart home app features a 15,001-hour playlist and lets you control it with your smart home devices.

The new Home Hub can be controlled from the Crestons own app.

The app features over 5,000 music and movies.

The device comes with its own wireless remote control, which works with Crestron’s Crestron TV app and Crestrons Crestron app.

The product also comes with the Crestrons digital clock, a timer, and two motion sensors that can track humidity, temperature, humidity level and humidity content, the company said.