How to add Alexa and Apple Home to a HgtV smart TV with Alexa and Amazon Echo. 

What you’ll need: The following devices and apps to add Amazon Alexa to a smart TV.

Alexa – A free app for your Amazon Echo device.

Amazon Alexa – This app is a free app on the Amazon website.

Amazon Echo – This device can be bought on Amazon’s App Store.

Amazon HomeKit – A device with an Amazon Alexa remote that can be plugged into a hub. 

If you need a cheaper version, this device is available for about $70. 

Other smart home accessories: The Hgtiv Smart Hub – This hub lets you add a home automation hub to your Hgtve smart TV, and it also works with the Echo.

Amazon Alexa – An app that lets you turn your Echo into a smart hub.

Amazon Fire TV Stick – A $99 device that supports Alexa.

Amazon Dash Charge – This gadget lets you charge an Echo device via a USB cable. 

Amazon Echo – A standalone smart home app that will allow you to control an Echo from your smartphone or tablet.

Amazon Wifi – An Amazon Alexa app that works with any device that connects to the Internet.

Amazon TV – A smart TV that lets users control their smart TV through a web browser. 

How to connect an Hgttv smart TV to Alexa: Connect the Hgtvr smart TV directly to Alexa.

Once you have Alexa connected, select “Alexa” from the Alexa menu. 

You will be asked to enter a code to add an Amazon Echo or Alexa device to your home. 

After Alexa has connected, you will be able to add any of the devices listed above. 

The devices that Alexa will support are listed below.

The following devices are not supported by Alexa. 

For an explanation of what each of the listed devices is, please see our FAQ on Alexa compatibility.

Alexa’s interface will appear in a new tab, which is also where you can add any devices that you want to add to your Alexa home.

Amazon’s Echo app will be listed next to the devices that are not compatible with Alexa.

Once you have connected any of these devices, you can adjust the volume of each of these speakers by pressing the volume buttons on the front of the speaker. 

Once you connect an Alexa device, you should receive a notification.

You can dismiss the notification by pressing and holding the volume button on the remote.

To make the Echo louder, open the Echo app, select the Echo and volume buttons, and select “Lower Volume”.

The volume of the Echo will go down.

To make the Alexa speaker louder, turn on the Echo speaker, select your home or office, and then select “Enable All”.