Smart homes are coming to your home.

That’s the premise of a new documentary, The Smart Home.

In this film, director Robert Krulwich follows a group of smart home enthusiasts as they try to convince consumers to install smart home devices into their homes.

The film is part of Krulwag’s broader “smart home” project.

He has also launched a website to help people learn about the technology and what it can do for them.

The Smart Homes features interviews with some of the most prominent smart home experts in the United States, including Eric Grosse, CEO of Home Depot; and Tom Gores, founder of the SmartHomeLab.

They share stories of how they’ve built smart homes and how they plan to make them safer.

The movie also looks at how some of these technologies have been put to use to keep families safe, from the smart thermostat to the alarm system.

Watch the trailer for The Smart Homes.

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