Smart home hub Apple and Google have teamed up to launch the home smart hub app for iOS, Android, and Web, launching today.

The hub allows users to set up and manage home automation, weather and security systems, smart home sensors, and more.

Home automation can be controlled from anywhere, whether you have a set-top box, remote, or a connected TV or set top box, and can also be controlled through apps.

Google’s Home Hub can control the thermostat, air conditioner, light bulb, and even lights on the walls.

Home security can be turned on or off remotely through the app.

Home security is important for both people and pets, but it can be especially helpful for home owners who have a pet or who have pets with special needs.

Apple’s HomeKit-powered hub also includes a built-in thermostator and temperature sensors, allowing for home security to be enabled on a schedule.

The hub supports two Apple devices, and Google’s smart home accessories can connect to it as well.

Apple’s Home hub for iOS has been available in beta form since early August.

Google has released the app in the Apple App Store, and Amazon is also offering a free trial of Home Hub.

HomeKit, a new standard that allows developers to build devices that control various home features and devices, has been gaining traction among home owners.

HomeKit was announced at Apple’s WWDC keynote in June and was announced in November of last year.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has also indicated that HomeKit could be a part of a future update to the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Google Home Hub for Android is launching today in the Google Play store, and the company’s developer API is already available on Android phones.

Google Home Hub on the Web is currently only available on iOS.

Google has also launched a developer API for its smart home hardware, and developers are starting to integrate HomeKit into their products.

Google says HomeKit will work with “over 100” devices, including smart thermostats, thermostatic air conditioners, and smart lights.

Google and Apple have partnered on other smart home features for iOS devices, too, including an app for controlling lights, an app to control lights remotely, and an app that lets users control the lights from inside a home.

Apple has also released an app called Smart Hue that allows users remotely to turn on or turn off lights in their homes.

Home Security, an advanced security feature for smart home devices, is also being added to the iOS app for Google Home.

Home Hub for iOS and Android are currently available on the Google App Store for free.

Home Hub is also available for $3.99 a month.