Google has released a new smart homes assistant that is smart enough to figure out your needs and schedule appointments to your house, according to a report.

Siri is a Google app that’s designed to be able to answer any question you might have and will respond to any command from you.

That makes it perfect for people who like to do things in the dark or use the occasional reminder.

Google’s assistant can recognize the most common situations you might encounter and make recommendations based on them, and it can even tell you what movies and TV shows are on, which would otherwise be a guessing game.

But Google is also developing a smart home companion for Android devices.

The Assistant has a lot of smart features, but it’s currently available only in the Google Home and Google Pixel devices, which are powered by Google’s own Home and Pixel devices.

So the Assistant’s most recent update is available only on those devices, but that update will eventually expand to other devices.

Google has a new Assistant that is even smarter than its existing Google Home, according the report, and will let you know when something is “on” and can schedule appointments.

The new assistant will also allow you to “see” the times of your appointments and schedule them in advance.

It’s an even smarter version of Google Assistant, which was designed to find out what you want from the apps you use most and to get you there quickly.

It also will know when you’re coming to your room and will give you a reminder so you can return to your usual routine.

Google is also working on a smart lighting control that can adjust the light on your home to match your mood.

You can also schedule the Assistant to “switch” the lighting to one that’s off for you and one that is on for the person next to you.

The Assistant will also be able help you set up your smart home lights to automatically turn on or off as needed, and can even schedule a light for each of your two lamps to help you “switch on” them to light up as needed.

Google is working on other smart home control features, too, such as the ability to remotely lock down lights to a particular room or dim the lights to help your guests.

Google also wants to make smart home accessories like the new Assistant even more useful and will be able show off all of the new features in the upcoming beta update.