SmartThings is the leading platform for building and managing smart home systems.

Today, the company has announced a major expansion of the platform with the addition of a smart camera and the SmartHome app.

The smart camera is the first smart camera to integrate with SmartHome.

The SmartHome application is the most comprehensive and flexible smart home management app available today, allowing you to quickly and easily manage, install, and configure your smart home system.

The app is available on Android, iOS, and Blackberry devices, and supports both standalone devices and connected TVs.

In addition, the SmartThings team has launched a new smart lighting system, Smart Lighting, that will enable you to automate lighting for the home.

These updates to the platform bring the smart home into the 21st century, and we look forward to seeing what the community can do with it in the coming months.

The new SmartThings camera will allow you to view, capture, and share video and photos from your home.

The device also includes a dedicated sensor to record video and audio.

This camera has an auto focus system, and you can choose between three settings: Low, Medium, and High.

Low means that the camera will focus on the object in front of you, while Medium will focus at the same distance.

High is for objects with an exceptionally sharp image, while Low will only focus on objects that are closer.

When you are viewing a video from the SmartCamera, you can pause the video and resume it at any time.

You can also create and share your own video clips with the SmartCam, which can be edited and shared directly from the app.

There is also a SmartCamera remote control that can be connected to the SmartDevice, which allows you to control your SmartCam from anywhere in the home, and access settings such as shutter speed, exposure, and focus.

The camera can also be used to remotely capture and share photos.

In terms of cameras, the new SmartCam is equipped with two lenses that provide a total of eight different types of video recording, including still, still-motion, still photography, video stills, and 3D video.

The phone app is also now optimized for smart home automation.

It includes an integrated camera app for sharing videos and photos, and it includes a new SmartHome setting that allows you, the home automation system owner, to quickly configure and automate all of your home’s smart devices.

As part of this update, the camera also includes an HDR mode for adding a rich, clear, and detailed 3D effect to your videos.

SmartThings also introduced a new camera that integrates with the smart light, smart light hub, and Smart Lighting.

This SmartLight is the third SmartLight to integrate directly into the Smart home system, following the SmartLight Pro and SmartLight Hub.

The company also added an optional camera controller that will allow the camera to be used with a smart lamp.

This controller is a controller that you can attach to the wall to control lighting for your home and allows you the ability to set different light levels for different rooms.

There are also three smart lights that you’ll need to install in order to control the lighting in your home: a SmartLight control, SmartLight hub, Smart light.

This third Smart Light is the Smart Light Hub, which is the hub for all SmartLight devices that are installed in your smart room.

The Hub is a separate, single-user interface that lets you control all the Smart lights in your house from the comfort of your living room.

This new SmartLight can be installed with one of the existing SmartLights that have already been installed in the Smart room.

In order to use this SmartLight, you must install a Smart Light hub in your Smart room, connect your smart lights to the Hub, and then you’ll have the ability and the flexibility to control all your smart devices from anywhere.

SmartLight has also added a new set of lighting controls that let you easily configure your lights for different lighting conditions.

There’s also an easy to use SmartLight remote control for controlling the SmartLamps in your room.

These controls include a control for lighting for all lights, a timer for adjusting the lighting intensity, and a SmartLamp adjustment control.

With SmartLams, you get the ability of controlling up to five SmartLighters at once.

SmartLamps have an array of lighting options, including the following: Automatic lighting (Light on, Light off), Smart Light control (Adjust lighting intensity), and Smart Light adjustments (Adjust Smart Light settings).

These settings are useful when you have a lot of different lighting settings that are changing at the exact same time.

Smart Light controls also allow you the flexibility of choosing from the various levels of lighting intensity for your room, which will let you customize the lighting to your liking.

In a smart room, the smart lights are controlled by a smart light controller, and this controller will control the Smart Lights for your SmartLaming home.

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