Lenovo’s SmartHome technology company SmartHome will unveil its first fully autonomous home this week.

The company says it will start testing autonomous home systems at its global headquarters in Singapore this week and will be rolling out its product at a later date.

The announcement comes at a time when smart home manufacturers are struggling to deliver devices that can meet consumer expectations.

In 2017, for instance, Nest and Apple launched devices that rely on a single smartphone.

And Nest said in January that it had shut down the Nest Cam product, which was designed to let Nest employees use the camera to take photos and videos of objects and to send them to a remote Nest app.

In March, the company also announced that it would be shutting down its home hub, HomeKit, and HomeKit Pro, which combined two existing platforms.

In May, Intel announced it was developing a smart home platform that would integrate with Nest, Homekit and Nest Cam to help smart home owners monitor and control the devices.

In September, Microsoft said it would start offering its Windows IoT Platform in 2017.