Smart homes are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners and businesses move into new spaces.

But how will they fit into our daily lives?

In a world of smart thermostats and smart home automation, what will we do to make smart homes more accessible?

In the latest episode of “The Smart Tiny House Show,” host and entrepreneur Scott Siegel looks at how we can build smart homes into our everyday lives.

In this episode: 1.

Smart Homes are the Future of Housing 2.

Smart Home Technology in Home 4.

The New Smart Homes 5.

How Smart Homes Work 6.

Smart Cities and Smart Cities Living 7.

Smart Design 8.

How Home-Backed Security is Coming to Smart Homes 9.

How to Design Smart Homes 10.

How To Create a Smart Home 11.

How You Can Build Your Own Smart Home 12.

Smart Food Storage 13.

How I Learned to Build a Smart Food Container 14.

How Do You Get Started Building Your Own Small Home?


How do I design a Smart Bed?


Smart Energy Storage 17.

Smart Light Bulbs 18.

How Will Smart Homes Impact the Future?