Smart home appliances and home smart technologies have been on the rise in recent years, but some smart home products and home products like smart thermostats are still being sold without proper certification or certification certification standards.

A new smart home industry standard that’s designed to address this, called the Blue Smart Home Certification Program, has been approved by the Australian Government and will be available to consumers in 2017.

The Blue Smart Homes Certification Program is designed to provide a consistent, industry-wide certification standard for smart home and other home-related products, which will help consumers understand and avoid potentially misleading or false claims.

The certification program will allow consumers to compare smart home technologies and products, and will also enable consumers to purchase and sell smart home devices and services.

“The Blue smart home certification program is designed in order to provide consumers with the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions,” the National Smart Home Association said in a statement.

“As consumers and businesses move forward, we want to ensure that we are ensuring that consumers and other stakeholders can access the information and support that they need, to protect their interests, and to ensure the health of our smart home communities.”

The certification is intended to make smart home systems more secure and interoperable, and is expected to improve consumer awareness about smart home product certification standards and products and provide information for companies that use smart home software.

“We believe the Blue smart homes certification program, which is based on consumer research and product testing, will assist consumers to determine whether or not they should purchase a smart home appliance, product, or service,” the BlueSmartHomes Association said.