Juventus have unveiled a range of smart modular home and home automation systems for its football club, including a smart home controlled by an app.

The Juventus Football Club announced its smart modular house technology at the annual fan convention in Barcelona on Saturday.

The new system includes a smart thermostat which can be controlled remotely through a smartphone app, and a remote light that can be activated with an app, similar to the smart home automation technology used by Nest.

A smart light that could be activated remotely is seen during the press conference of Juventus Football Team at the Hotel Sánchez de la Coruna in Barcelona, Spain, November 21, 2017.

The club said the system would be used to control the fan zone, which has a seating capacity of 40, and the terrace, which seats 100.

The smart house can also control its own lights and air conditioning.

Juventus said it was developing a smart lighting system that would be integrated with the club’s stadium and other facilities.

The home automation system uses a series of sensors, sensors that allow it to detect movement in the fan zones and thermostats that can adjust the temperature.

Juve said the sensors would be able to detect and react to changes in temperature.

The fan zones are located on the terraces and on the side of the stadium.

The system uses sensors that can detect movement on the pitch and on terraces, according to the club.

The sensor array also includes a control system that can control a wide range of lighting fixtures and appliances.

The control system will be able control the lights, temperature, fan speed, fans, fans and fan zones, and other features of the fanzone, according the club said.

The systems will be manufactured by Diamantec.