New York, New York—In 2014, a neighborhood in the heart of the boroughs financial district became the center of a new industry when a construction company made a home for “Gothams” actor Michael Emerson.

Emerson was in town for “The Batman,” an upcoming DC Comics superhero series starring Jason Momoa, and he had been invited to the new home as part of a project called “Ghetto,” according to an official statement by the home’s builder, L.A.-based Gensler Homes.

“Goths” star Momoa’s character was living in the building.

“I’m just so excited that they got him, because I was so worried that he wouldn’t get a chance to be part of something that was so great,” Emerson said.

Emerson’s home, dubbed the “Gant House,” was actually designed as a project of his own, a tribute to the real estate of his neighborhood.

“He’s got the same sort of house, but with the windows, it’s more like a gothic style,” Emerson told National Geographic.

Emerson and his girlfriend were invited to participate in the project and they all decided to put their money where their mouths were and buy a home there.

“We wanted to put together something that’s going to be more of a family-friendly home that we could all feel good about,” Emerson explained.

“It’s not really a home that’s supposed to be for everyone, but it’s really meant to be.”

Gant House The interior of the “gothic” home in Los Angeles is a mixture of reclaimed and recycled materials.

The exterior of the home is made up of mostly reclaimed glass.

A series of stairs and steps lead up to the first floor, which is a mix of reclaimed glass, reclaimed wood, and recycled brick.

Emerson said that he and his family were thrilled when they were given a home in the neighborhood, but that they had no idea what it was going to look like.

“When we walked into that house, we were like, ‘What is this?'”

Emerson said of the design.

“And then we realized it’s a combination of reclaimed concrete and glass.

It’s sort of a gilded facade that’s kind of going to get its own name.”

Emerson said the first week the family was there, he was amazed by how clean the home was.

“You could tell that they’ve been there for a while,” he said.

“They have this huge kitchen that’s been around for years.”

The home was designed to be a home and work space for Emerson and the other residents of the neighborhood.

Emerson described it as a “gentleman’s residence,” with “very minimal furniture.”

The house includes a laundry room and a large outdoor dining area.

Emerson explained that it’s meant to have a “gourmet kitchen” for his girlfriend, who will be working at the house.

“She’s going into her own space in her own kitchen,” Emerson joked.

“So I’m going to put her in there, and then I’ll be in her kitchen.”

The living room, which Emerson described as a space that “really works for me,” features “a few different types of glass,” and it features “wood floors, reclaimed furniture, reclaimed glass and reclaimed wood.”

Emerson explained how the home, which he called “the ultimate goth house,” is meant to “be more of an art-like space.”

Emerson told us that the home has a lot of reclaimed wood throughout.

“This house is not a fancy house.

This is not going to have some big, shiny thing on the outside,” Emerson remarked.

“In this house, it was like a space, and I wanted to create this space where I felt like I was in it.”

The family was so excited to finally move in, Emerson said, that they immediately started cleaning.

“The whole time I was cleaning, the house was so clean,” Emerson recalled.

“If you looked out the window, you could see this house was a beautiful, beautiful, colorful place.”

Emerson noted that he had never experienced any of the issues he faced in his previous home, where he was living with his wife, his kids, and other family members.

“Honestly, I’m kind of like a little kid at home,” Emerson revealed.

“A lot of people can’t get into a house.

I was just really lucky to get a house that was clean, and that was really, really great.

I had the best house ever.

It was just a really good experience.”