The future of home automation is here, and it’s about to get much, much smarter.

Develco Smart Home, a company with the latest in smart home technology, has released a prototype home automation system that includes a sensor to determine the temperature of the home and a motion sensor that can detect a motion in the room.

The system has a camera that detects the motion of the room and can detect the temperature changes.

It also has a digital assistant that can tell you how long a particular motion is, whether you’re close to home, and if you need to turn the lights on and off.

Develco’s sensor sensor and motion sensing system is able to read the ambient temperature from the room sensor and determine the exact time of day.

The company says it can adjust the time of the night, depending on the amount of sunlight that hits the room, as well as whether it’s sunny or cloudy.

The sensors also tell the system to adjust the lights so they’re dimmed in the morning or brightened in the afternoon.

The company also claims the sensors will also have a motion detector to detect the motion and temperature of objects.

The motion sensor detects a motion of any object in the home, such as a wall, chair, or bed, and the sensor has the ability to detect a specific movement in that room and adjust the intensity of the lights in the house.

The sensors will work with both smart thermostats and a smart light sensor.

The system is also able to adjust to a temperature of any room and have it turned on or off.

The motion sensor, the company claims, can be set to detect motion only when the room temperature changes by a certain amount, which is up to the individual user.

For example, a person could have a thermostat that adjusts the temperature automatically to 60 degrees Fahrenheit in the evening and a light sensor that sets it to 50 degrees Fahrenheit when the temperature drops to 50.

The sensor can detect any change in the temperature that the user is trying to adjust.

The sensor can be used to measure how long it takes for a room to warm up and cool down, as the temperature rises and falls, or even determine the time that the temperature will be above or below a threshold, as is common in a smart home.

The DevelCo system has been built using a single Arduino microcontroller board.

The Arduino boards are also compatible with a wide range of smart therto switches, and a thermo hub.

In addition to a thermos, there are four thermostatic switches and two motion sensors that can be controlled by a computer.

The hardware is available for preorder for $129 and is expected to be available for about a month.