Microsoft’s Home platform, which aims to improve home automation, smart home automation systems and home security features, is expected to be an important part of the company’s future, according to a new report.

Home smart services are expected to become the core platform for Microsoft’s next-generation home automation platform.

While Home has already been available for Windows 8 devices, it was later added to Windows 10.

Microsoft is also expected to bring smart home products to the Xbox One in 2018.

The report claims that Microsoft is working on a smart home SDK and will integrate it into Windows 10 Home.

However, this would not necessarily make it an extension of Home.

Instead, Microsoft would be adding a Home API that would allow developers to create smart home systems that would be compatible with Home.

In addition, the report claims Microsoft is in talks with Amazon to build Alexa-powered devices that would connect to the Alexa platform.

Microsoft’s Alexa platform is also being used to develop smart home devices.

The Home platform would be integrated into Windows devices, Microsoft is rumored to be working on integrating Home with its Windows 10 mobile operating system.

This is not the first time Microsoft has been rumored to bring Alexa-enabled smart home hardware to the platform.

The company has been developing smart home-specific hardware in-house for a while, but this would be the first significant integration with Alexa.

It would also make Home one of the most integrated parts of the operating system on the platform, something Microsoft has traditionally been known for.

Microsoft will also likely use the Alexa-based devices to help customers better manage their homes, according the report.

Cortana, a voice assistant on the Xbox, would also be integrated in Home.

Microsoft has previously indicated that Home will not be a standalone product, but instead will integrate with Cortana on the Windows 10 Mobile platform.

Microsoft’s home automation hardware could also be a significant competitor to Apple’s HomeKit smart home tech.

Microsoft recently acquired HomeKit developer Nest Labs for $3.5 billion.