Smart Home gym is a smart fitness app that will help you get into shape and stay in shape.

It is free, but it will require a monthly subscription to access. 

If you are looking for a new fitness app to try out, this is a great one. 

Smart Gym has all the apps you need for fitness, nutrition and even a workout timer. 

It includes exercises for both men and women, with a focus on building a strong core, core muscles, and core stability. 

You can also add workouts for your kids and pets. 

The app has the basics covered, including a free timer that keeps you logged into the app, which you can use to check in on your progress, and set goals. 

In fact, it does a good job of keeping track of your progress. 

Once you sign up, you can sign up for multiple users at once, which means you can add multiple workouts for each user at once. 

There is a monthly fee, which is waived if you sign in with a credit card. 

And you can also set goals for each workout, which can be adjusted on the go. 

All of this is great for fitness fans who want a quick way to keep track of their progress and workouts, but also for people who don’t want to pay for a gym membership. 

Like many fitness apps, you will be able to create a gym plan that is based on your goals.

This plan can be set up and saved for later, which makes it much easier to customize. 

Here is the full list of Smart Gym’s features: – Fitness plan: A daily fitness schedule for your family members and pets, with daily goals, weekly goals, and weekly milestones. 

– Nutrition plan: Create a customized diet plan that works with your body and your goals for your life. 

+ Smart gym includes: – Simple workout timer: Your workout schedule, workouts, and nutrition goals will be tracked with a timer that shows you when your workout ends. 

A weekly goal can be created by tapping the check box to see how your goals are changing. 

– Workout schedule: Set workouts based on daily, weekly, and monthly goals.

– Fitness tracking: See your workout progress and your fitness level by tracking your fitness and your weights, heart rate, and pace.

– Fitbit-style workout diary: Keep track of daily, monthly, and yearly progress by logging your workouts and recording your daily progress with an activity log.

– Workout timer: Record workouts for up to four users at a time. 

– Fitness tracker: Track your weight, weight training, and more with the Fitbit Flex.

– Video workouts: Record your workout, showing your progress with video, and adding voice-over for the first 10 minutes of your workout.

– Monthly goal: Set a monthly goal and see your progress for the month.

– Weekly goal: Track progress for weekly and monthly targets.

– Daily goal: Add a daily goal to your goal.

– Weekday goal: Keep tracking progress for a week. 

— Free trial: Smart gym requires a monthly $1.99 subscription.