The American Conservatives will be looking ahead to 2019 with the smart home trend tracker that will allow users to see which trends are most likely to emerge and the best home improvement products for each.

The smart home will be a major focus for the conservative organization as the Trump administration moves to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and roll back regulations to allow for the production of cheaper, more efficient, and less environmentally harmful products.

As The American Reporter noted last year, the Trump Administration is pushing to cut the tax on home improvement items by $1,000, while eliminating the deduction for all of the cost of home improvement materials and materials for home improvement and remodeling projects.

Many conservatives have also called for the repeal of the Affordable Housing Act (HAA) which allows states to set their own standards and guidelines for how low the cost should be of building homes.

A lot of the ideas to tackle the rising cost of housing are being pushed by conservative home improvement companies such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Home Depot Home Improvement.

This year’s list of smart home Trends will include things like the installation of smart bulbs, home automation systems, smart appliances, and smart lightbulbs.

With the rise in smart home products, home improvements are also increasingly becoming the way to keep a home looking modern and affordable.