READ MORE The new devices are aimed at helping people who want to connect with others in their homes and at providing them with the same services they use in their workplaces, with a focus on social media, chat, and video conferencing.

“Smart Home” is the brand name for the devices, which will be available on Amazon Prime Day.

They will also come with a range of services that include remote control, home automation, security cameras, and smart locks.

The Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit devices are the mainstay of the new Smart Home lineup.

Alexa, which is currently available in the US and UK, is able to talk to the devices to do things like wake up the lights and adjust thermostats.

Amazon says the Smart Home line of products is the “next step” in smart home devices, adding that “the new line of smart products and services, including smart locks, smart home products, smart automation, and home automation apps, will be a big part of the Amazon Alexa experience on the home.”

The new products will have a wide range of functionality, from controlling thermostat adjustments to turning on and off light bulbs.

A variety of Alexa-powered products will be on display at Amazon’s Prime Day event, including the Amazon Echo and the Echo Dot, which are both set to go on sale later this year.

Amazon also announced the Amazon Home App, which allows people to control devices remotely.

The Echo, Alexa, and Echo Dot are all being launched with a variety of smart home capabilities.

The Home App will be offered on both Echo and Echo devices, with an additional device available for purchase later this month.

Alexa is currently only available on Apple devices, but will soon be available for Android devices, as well.

Amazon says the Home App is designed to be used by people who do not own a home automation system, like those who work from home, or for those who want the convenience of home automation.