Which smart home hub is the best?

The first two smart home hubs on the market are both very good and they both have their own pros and cons.Both offer the same basic feature set.You want an intelligent thermostat that is easily accessible and controllable.You also want a remote that is easy to use.But which is the smart home router that you […]

India’s smart home market: How it’s changing and how you can play a role

Google has just announced the launch of the Indian version of its smart home product, the Smart Home Developer Kit.The kit is available in India for $1,599.That’s not a bad price for a smart home developer kit, which you can use to develop smart home apps for your home, from smart lights to smart thermostats.The […]

How to invest in Bond smart home hub and smart home device review

Investing in smart home hubs and smart devices is a great way to gain exposure to emerging markets.Here are some of the key points to consider.1.Smart home hub is a hub for smart devices2.It’s an ecosystem for all kinds of smart devices3.It’ll grow in value over time4.It can provide an opportunity for you to make […]