Eve smart home to launch in US with a $50,000 price tag

Smart home startups are starting to get attention from investors.That’s a good sign, says Eve Smart.The startup, a home automation startup, will start a crowdfunding campaign this month for the $50 million product.The product is designed to integrate a smart home into a smart phone, and it’s supposed to be a companion to Alexa.This year, […]

Smart Home Appliances are a Big Deal

Smart Home appliances are a big deal in the home automation space.We know how to connect them to our smart home devices, and now we’re seeing them come to market.Here are 5 ways to get started with smart home automation.1.Plug In Home Automation The first step is to get your smart home appliance plugged in.If […]

How to install smart home technology in your home

In the next few years, smart home technologies are going to become a big part of every home.The world of smart home devices is exploding, and many smart home products and devices are on the market today.So how do you install smart devices into your home?And how do they work?The answer depends on your home, […]

The ‘smart home’ of tomorrow is here!

The future of home automation is here, and it’s about to get much, much smarter.Develco Smart Home, a company with the latest in smart home technology, has released a prototype home automation system that includes a sensor to determine the temperature of the home and a motion sensor that can detect a motion in the […]

Pulte says smart home automation system will start shipping in the second half of 2018

Pulté’s smart home system, which uses sensors to monitor everything from temperature to light, will ship later this year, its chief executive officer says.The company will ship the new system, called Smart Home Automation, in late 2018, CEO Ralf Schreiber said in a statement on Monday.Pulte said the system will be able to control lighting, […]

‘Ghetto’ home in New York City for ‘Gotham’ actor is built from recycled bricks

New York, New York—In 2014, a neighborhood in the heart of the boroughs financial district became the center of a new industry when a construction company made a home for “Gothams” actor Michael Emerson.Emerson was in town for “The Batman,” an upcoming DC Comics superhero series starring Jason Momoa, and he had been invited to […]

How to install a smart home on your iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, or 6s Pro

Develco Smart Home installs a smart-home system inside your iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, or iPhone X and it’s all powered by the DevelCo Smart Home SDK.The installation process involves using an iPhone 5, 6, 6 Plus, iPhone X, or a future iPhone model.This is a very basic […]

How smart home hubs are being built in India

Smart home hubs in India are being designed to help users navigate around the internet and make life easier for their families.A recent study by the Centre for Development Studies (CDS) of the University of Hyderabad (UNH) found that nearly half of the Indian population use smart home devices, including smart thermostats, light switches and […]

Google smart home security camera video reveals how to hack it

Next Big Futures article smart home smart home,smart thermostat,smart smart thermostats,smart tv smart thermoreg,smart TV smart thermos,smart remote smart thermpan,smart,remote,remote control source TechCrunch title Google Home Security Camera video reveals How to Hack It article Smart thermostater smart therms,smart temperature,smart control,smart controller smart controller,smart controllers,smart controls source TechCasts article smart thermo,smart thermometer,smart water heater,smart shower […]

How to use xfio2 to connect smart home controllers

You’re probably familiar with the concept of a smart home controller: a smart device that allows users to control their living room or living room-sized entertainment system using the internet.The most basic controller currently on the market is the Nest Cam, which can be controlled by a single cable, or the Harmony AV, which is […]