How to upgrade to the newest version of smart home software from Philips, Philips AG

Philips has just released a new software update for its smart home systems, including the A3 smart hub and its Philips Hue smart light fixture, which can turn on and off lights and heat sensors.Philips says the update is available for all devices.The update also introduces a new smart home app, called Philips Hue, that […]

Which smart home devices should you buy?

The smart home is a category that has been growing in popularity for some time.But while many smart home products have a lot of buzz, a new generation of products has emerged that have caught the eye of smart home aficionados.Smart home products are all aimed at a wide range of consumers and their lifestyles.The […]

Which Smart Home Hubs are best?

Smart Home hub is one of the most common and well-known products of a smart home and is one that people often buy, especially for the cost.This is where it all starts to fall apart.Here are some of the main reasons why.Smart home hub The main reason to invest in a smart hub is to […]