CES 2015: The CES Smart Home Button, Smart Home Robot and Smart Home IoT

A lot has happened at CES this year, and I think the show has brought us a bunch of cool new devices and accessories, some of which will be released for the first time at CES.But there are also some cool products that have been out of the spotlight, and we’ve got some more to […]

What’s next for Hulu and Netflix?

This week’s podcast featured guest host Jeff Sharlet, a producer and producer of the hit Hulu show “Savage Love,” which features two former contestants who become friends and fall in love, before going on to find themselves in the same situation over and over again. The show has garnered over a million viewers on Hulu and […]

Smart home solutions can deliver smarter homes, say researchers

Smart home technology has been around for decades, but the concept of the smart home has only been around since the 1980s, when the term “internet of things” was first coined.As the name implies, it is a set of interconnected devices that can communicate with each other and are capable of managing their own systems.The […]