Which NFL player is the most vulnerable to viral disease?

By JONATHAN HENRY, APThe NFL announced Monday that the league has begun using a new, cheaper, and more powerful virus-fighting device to keep fans safe from coronavirus.The team of experts and engineers behind the new device is working with researchers at the University of New South Wales in Australia and has also worked with researchers […]

Google smart home deals

Google has launched two smart home brands for the UK market, smart home products that make it easier to integrate smart devices into homes and to integrate them into homes with the help of a smartphone or tablet.The new products are Gewiss Smart Home, which sells smart lights, and the Gewix Smart Home System, which […]

When Will We See Ring Smart Home in the US?

If you missed it, the latest news on the latest smart home and connected devices is here.The smart home industry is poised to explode in the coming years.With more and more devices, smart home features and accessories, consumers will be able to have control over all aspects of their home, from entertainment to security to […]