Ring smart home home: The new generation of smart home devices

The most anticipated smartphone of 2018 is the Google Home, but the smart home industry has been building a number of products in recent years.The smart home is increasingly seeing its share of the spotlight, and it’s time to step back and see what’s new.Here are the best smart home products of 2018.The first wave […]

The Best Smart Home Accessories to Keep in Your Home

The best smart home accessories to keep in your home are all worth the price, says an expert.The best Smart Home accessories to stay away from are the ones that make you think you are home alone and make you feel like your own house.“Smart home” is an umbrella term for a suite of devices […]

Google says it’s launching a smart home with Google Home speakers

Google Home will come preloaded on the Google Home speaker, and it’s going to be available as a Google Home app, a new post on the company’s blog says.The post describes the smart speaker as a “one-to-one solution for connected devices.”Google Home is a smart speaker that can play music, control your home entertainment system, […]