Exzel smart homes and smart home products will arrive in Canada

Exzel Home Products and Solutions announced Monday that it has launched its first smart home and home automation products in Canada, with products including Exzel Smart Home Pro, Exzel Light, Exzoom, and Exzook.The products are being developed in partnership with the company and include products designed to help homeowners reduce energy consumption and improve home […]

How to get the best smart home in Australia

The smart home industry in Australia has been in the spotlight for the last year.From the big announcements from Amazon Echo to the launch of a range of new smart home devices like Nest, we have witnessed the growth of the industry, and we have seen how it is currently being used.The latest release from […]


A smart home device that allegedly enables people to spy on others via their smart devices could be a major vulnerability in smart home systems, experts warn.JEDDy Rowe, a cybersecurity firm based in London, said that a smart home system may allow anyone to remotely disable and monitor other devices in order to gain control […]

J.R.R Tolkien is ‘wonderful’ on ‘Star Wars’ movie, says director of ‘The Hobbit’

J. R. R Tolkien is “wonderfully” on the new “Star Wars” movie, according to a new interview with “Star Trek: Discovery” director Chris Weitz.In the interview, “StarTrek: Discovery’s” John Cho told “CBS This Morning” that Tolkien was “a true Tolkienist” who was “great at telling stories and at finding the connections.”Cho said the character of […]

How to get smart homes into your home

Smart homes are coming to your home.That’s the premise of a new documentary, The Smart Home.In this film, director Robert Krulwich follows a group of smart home enthusiasts as they try to convince consumers to install smart home devices into their homes.The film is part of Krulwag’s broader “smart home” project.He has also launched a […]