How to turn your home into a smart home hub

Smart home hub Apple and Google have teamed up to launch the home smart hub app for iOS, Android, and Web, launching today.The hub allows users to set up and manage home automation, weather and security systems, smart home sensors, and more.Home automation can be controlled from anywhere, whether you have a set-top box, remote, […]

Samsung Smart Home Integration for Smart Devices

Samsung has partnered with Smart Home developer kasa to provide a smart home integration solution for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 smartphone.Smart Home integration offers the user the ability to control devices remotely from the phone, but is restricted to a limited number of smart home features.The feature is exclusive to Samsung devices and is […]

Why I love the kasa Smart Home,Smart Screen

The kasa K1 Smart Home is a smart home that allows you to control your devices from a simple smartphone app.It includes a smart hub with two USB ports and one HDMI port for connecting to a TV or other connected TV.It has a USB port for charging the device.And its LED light shows the […]