LG Smart Home Trends, SmartApps, LgSmartHome

SmartApps and SmartLibraries are smart home tools designed to automate tasks and help manage devices.The first such tool was released on November 8th, 2017, with the LG SmartHome App.Now, in 2018, the LG HomeSmart App is available for download on Google Play, which provides a unified interface to all smart home devices.Today, LG announced that […]

How to enter smart home Sweepstakes: Hackers will have to make it all the way to #smarthome sweepstakes

Smart home sweepstake is one of the most exciting online competitions out there, as it involves users making the most of their own home automation devices and then sending in a short video demonstrating their capabilities.This competition has seen its fair share of hacks in the past, including some that used the Raspberry Pi to […]