When you want to lock down your home, you need to understand the home’s security system

Smart home appliances and smart home devices are often used in combination to make it easy to turn on and off lights, lock the doors, lock windows and dim the temperature in the house, but what if your home has no thermostat or thermostats on it?That’s where a smart home is usually installed.The smart home […]

Sony Home Entertainment announces new smart home sweepers for the Sony Bravia TV series

Sony Home, the world’s largest home entertainment company, announced today that it will be offering a slew of new smart thermostats, smart locks, smart home appliances, smart doorbells, smart smoke detectors and smart door locks to fans of the Sony TV series.The company is offering these gadgets through an exclusive subscription service called PlayStation®Vue.These products […]

How to buy and install smart home products online in under two hours

The world’s biggest home automation company has released a smart home accessory that allows you to easily connect to the internet to control smart home devices.The company, which is backed by Amazon, is offering the Smart Remote to anyone who wants to install their own remote control in their home.The Remote allows users to easily […]

Which Smart Home Hubs are best?

Smart Home hub is one of the most common and well-known products of a smart home and is one that people often buy, especially for the cost.This is where it all starts to fall apart.Here are some of the main reasons why.Smart home hub The main reason to invest in a smart hub is to […]

NHLPA pardee Smart Home Solver | Smart Home Systems

By Phil PlaitPublished Apr 12, 2018 04:27PMWhen the owners of the Pittsburgh Penguins drafted a defenseman in the first round in 2006, it was no surprise they chose Pittsburgh Penguins center Chris Kunitz.In Pittsburgh, Kunitz was a player of the future.Pittsburgh Penguins centerChris Kunitz (3) celebrates a goal with defenseman Mike Hoffman (1) during the […]