When Nest turns smart home into home, it’ll make it easy to save your life

Nest, the company that invented the smart home and built the internet-connected thermostat that went on to become the world’s biggest home automation company, is moving into the smart homes market with the Rehau Smart Home.The Rehaeas Nest thermostats are the first smart home devices to have Nest software and hardware inside them, which makes […]

A guide to the smart home: A guide for the smart pet

A guide that’s designed for pet owners who want to know everything there is to know about smart home technology.This guide includes all the smart house information you need to know.It’s packed with links to everything you need, like tips on how to install smart home devices and how to keep your pets healthy.It also […]

How to control your smart home from your phone

Google has introduced a new feature that can be used to control the smart home of an iPhone.Google has announced that the smart devices are now connected to Google Assistant, the voice-activated personal assistant that is available on Android smartphones.The feature is available in Google Home, Google Home Mini, and Google Home Pro.Google Home is […]