How to turn your Apple TV into a smart home smart watch

It’s easy to lose track of how much time and effort you spend using your AppleTV to watch Netflix or your favorite podcast.The company recently updated its TV app to give you a way to monitor how long you spend watching the service, but you still need to log in every time you turn on […]

What you need to know about the Vera smart home hub

The Vera Smart Home Hub is a new kind of smart home that connects to a smart home through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.It has the same features and specifications as the Vera Home, but is a completely separate product.But it does have some notable advantages.The Vera Hub is powered by the same open-source platform as the […]

How to make your own smart home camera

The next time you want to snap a photo of your kids and family at the pool or on a boat, you’ll need a smart home camcorder.There’s a growing market for smart home cameras, but the quality of those cameras has come under scrutiny over the years, as the devices are prone to overheating, overheat, […]