How to create a smart home with vimar smart house

The Smart Home Blog is a place to discuss the latest smart home and home automation ideas, products, and the latest trends in smart home technology.We regularly publish smart home articles that are aimed at helping people make smarter decisions about their smart home.Smart Home is the third in the Smart Home series.The Smart Hubs […]

How smart home robots can make your life easier

Smart home robots are becoming increasingly popular, but there’s a reason why we’re excited about them.We’re getting a lot of questions on how to use them.But first, let’s get this out of the way.They’re not the most efficient or most powerful way to control your home, but they can save a lot time and money.Here’s […]

How to control your smart home from your phone

Google has introduced a new feature that can be used to control the smart home of an iPhone.Google has announced that the smart devices are now connected to Google Assistant, the voice-activated personal assistant that is available on Android smartphones.The feature is available in Google Home, Google Home Mini, and Google Home Pro.Google Home is […]