How to turn your home into a smart home hub

Smart home hub Apple and Google have teamed up to launch the home smart hub app for iOS, Android, and Web, launching today.The hub allows users to set up and manage home automation, weather and security systems, smart home sensors, and more.Home automation can be controlled from anywhere, whether you have a set-top box, remote, […]

New Orleans Saints GM: New Orleans’ QB depth ‘remains an issue’

The New Orleans Pelicans announced Thursday they have traded guard Jeremy Lamb to the San Antonio Spurs in exchange for veteran guard and former teammate Jerami Grant.The deal will net the Pelicans the 26-year-old Grant, who has played in 16 games with the Spurs this season.He played a total of 13 games in New Orleans […]

Smart Home Calendar,Smart Home Apk,Hal Smart Home: Watch News

Smart Home calendars and smart home apps like Hal’s Smart Home calendar, smart home apK, and Hal’s smart home smart home app are among the best on the market.This is because smart home calendars and apps have the most customizable layouts and features.Hal Smart Home offers several different calendars that can be used for personal, […]

How to install iOS 8 and Android 7 on the latest smart TVs

When it comes to the latest tech gadgets, you might not think twice about plugging in the latest operating system and installing the latest apps.But when it comes time to set up your smart TV, there’s a lot of trial and error involved.The best way to get the most out of the latest hardware and […]