Samsung Smart Home Integration for Smart Devices

Samsung has partnered with Smart Home developer kasa to provide a smart home integration solution for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 smartphone.Smart Home integration offers the user the ability to control devices remotely from the phone, but is restricted to a limited number of smart home features.The feature is exclusive to Samsung devices and is […]

How to hack your smart home’s smart home hub with a Raspberry Pi 3 and Arduino, and learn how to program your smart hub

The smart home is a hot topic, and smart home hardware makers are scrambling to create products that will be useful in the home.And they’re not the only ones looking.But what happens when you need to hack a smart home to get it working?That’s where the Raspberry Pi comes in.With the Raspberry PI, the world […]

India’s smart home market: How it’s changing and how you can play a role

Google has just announced the launch of the Indian version of its smart home product, the Smart Home Developer Kit.The kit is available in India for $1,599.That’s not a bad price for a smart home developer kit, which you can use to develop smart home apps for your home, from smart lights to smart thermostats.The […]