How to hack your smart home’s smart home hub with a Raspberry Pi 3 and Arduino, and learn how to program your smart hub

The smart home is a hot topic, and smart home hardware makers are scrambling to create products that will be useful in the home.And they’re not the only ones looking.But what happens when you need to hack a smart home to get it working?That’s where the Raspberry Pi comes in.With the Raspberry PI, the world […]

Why you should never go home with your phone without a password

Smart home devices are getting smarter.And while some of these devices have privacy settings, there are also more powerful versions, called smart thermostats, that can send your data to companies that sell your personal information to marketers.For those who aren’t worried about data, the security of these services is good enough that they’re not even […]

Why the best Chromebooks are the ones you can’t live without

Aug. 31, 2018 — When the best smartphones are expensive, and the best tablets and smartwatches are on sale for as much as $1,000, it’s tempting to ignore them.But with smart home gadgets becoming so popular, and with smart TV makers investing heavily in the space, smart home hacks and smart home devices becoming the […]