How smart home technology can revolutionise Ireland’s future

The smart home is becoming a global industry, with more than 10,000 companies worldwide.The Irish Smart Home Technology Association (ISTA) believes the industry is in a golden age and has already seen significant progress.However, the ISTA has recognised the challenges ahead, as well as some potential pitfalls.This article outlines some of the challenges facing the […]

How to find the best smart home furniture for your home

How to Find the Best Smart Home Furniture for Your Home Here are some of the smart home essentials you’ll need to find for your house.Smart TV and TV speakersSmart TVsSmart TVs and TVs have become a big part of the home entertainment landscape.From the Roku to the Samsung XBox, smart TVs are everywhere.You can […]

Jeedom Smart Home Appliances

Lennar Smart Home Furnishings has unveiled a new line of smart home appliances that can be controlled remotely from a smartphone.The smart home product is the latest addition to a growing collection of smart house brands that have been growing in popularity with consumers and home-owners alike.“Lennar has been a leader in the market since […]