Toshiba unveils new smart home suite for $1,399

Toshiba announced today that it has introduced a new smart smart home range that includes a $1.399 smart home system, called Toshiba Aura, and a new $1.,399 smart water system that is compatible with the TOSHIBA TOSHIMA TOSOHIA Water and ECO Smart water units.The Toshiba $1 million Aura, which is compatible for $399, will include […]

Samsung Smart Home Integration for Smart Devices

Samsung has partnered with Smart Home developer kasa to provide a smart home integration solution for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 smartphone.Smart Home integration offers the user the ability to control devices remotely from the phone, but is restricted to a limited number of smart home features.The feature is exclusive to Samsung devices and is […]

What’s a smart home?

If you’re looking for a smart house to plug into your home, smart-home integration can help.And it’s one that’s available today.In the US, Google Home and Amazon Echo both offer smart home integration, but they don’t offer one that works across all of your smart home devices.That’s where smart-connected home company Brilliant comes in.Brilliant’s home […]