Which smart home apps are on Google’s new ‘Smart Home’ platform?

Google has finally released a new smart home app called Smart Home that will help you track your smart home and smart home devices.It also adds a few features to help with your IoT setup.The app can now be installed on smart home hubs, like Amazon Echo or Nest thermostats.It will automatically download and install […]

How to save $60 per year using Amazon Prime subscription for smart home fixtures

How to get more value for your money on your Amazon Prime membership.Amazon Prime is one of the most popular and most flexible subscription plans, and it can be used to buy many different kinds of items.With a few clicks, you can save a few bucks per year by signing up for the service.Amazon offers […]

Why I love the kasa Smart Home,Smart Screen

The kasa K1 Smart Home is a smart home that allows you to control your devices from a simple smartphone app.It includes a smart hub with two USB ports and one HDMI port for connecting to a TV or other connected TV.It has a USB port for charging the device.And its LED light shows the […]