How to add the Siri Remote to your Android smart home smart speaker

Android devices come with two main smart home options, smart home appliances, and smart home security systems.You can add the remote to one of those to access your smart home services and control those services with voice commands.But, if you want the best of both worlds, there’s a smart home app for your smart speakers […]

Google’s new smart home assistant ‘Siri’ is the smartest smart home accessory ever written

Google has released a new smart homes assistant that is smart enough to figure out your needs and schedule appointments to your house, according to a report.Siri is a Google app that’s designed to be able to answer any question you might have and will respond to any command from you.That makes it perfect for […]

How to use smart home sensors to control smart home devices

A number of smart home hubs and smart speakers use infrared sensors to detect motion, which in turn gives them the ability to control their functions.But what about when the sensor detects an external button?That could mean the device can now be controlled remotely.To do this, the hub or speaker needs to be connected to […]

Free-agent wide receiver Jordan Matthews, who’s reportedly seeking a contract worth $9 million per year

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reports that Jordan Matthews has told the team he is seeking a $9-million per year contract, per sources close to the situation.The receiver has already agreed to terms with the Vikings, according to sources.Matthews signed a five-year deal worth $60 million last offseason, which is the highest contract Matthews has ever earned, […]