How to connect your smart home to your smart phone

The future of smart home devices is going to look a lot like this: smart home speakers, smart home thermostats, smart lighting, smart appliances, smart lightbulbs, smart wall sensors, smart door sensors, and so on.These smart devices have already gotten smarter over time, and the future is bright.The question is how to connect them together […]

AVance Smart Home Definition – Smart Home (Home) definition

AVance, Inc., is a developer of smart home solutions for the home, with an ambitious vision for the future.Its latest product, AVance AVO, is a fully functional smart home solution for all homes with smart bulbs.The AVance AvO AV is an AVO-compatible smart home system, with built-in AVs (A/V receivers) and built-to-order (BU) firmware.It can […]

How to use Smart Home Wifi with your Android smartphone

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