How to get a smart home thermostat from Amazon, Google, or Microsoft

Smart home thermo-temperature sensors are among the most common gadgets in homes, and Amazon and Google are likely to be the first ones to market smart home thermometers.They also have the biggest market share and the most users.Amazon has more than 200 million smart thermostats, which are connected to Amazon Web Services and other cloud […]

Why you need smart home support

If you’re new to the world of smart home products, this is a great place to start.Whether you’re looking to buy a smart home hub, install a smart doorbell, or install an automation system in your home, there are plenty of smart house products available.Smart home support is the term for the support services offered […]

Why Apple Watch is smart enough to handle your phone, smart enough for you

New York City’s smart home is a major focus for Apple Watch, which will be launching in stores later this month.And while smart home devices are usually built for devices like Google’s Nest, Amazon’s Echo, and Samsung’s smart thermostats, Apple Watch promises to be a more capable platform for controlling the connected home.