How to wirelessly connect your smart home display to the internet

If you’re a smart home enthusiast, there’s one thing you should know right away: smart home displays are not connected to the Internet.This is because, as an IoT device, they are powered by a battery that needs to be charged in order to work.You can plug your display into a USB port and use it […]

How to connect your HGTV smart home hub to Hgtv, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and more

How to add Alexa and Apple Home to a HgtV smart TV with Alexa and Amazon Echo. What you’ll need: The following devices and apps to add Amazon Alexa to a smart TV.Alexa – A free app for your Amazon Echo device.Amazon Alexa – This app is a free app on the Amazon website.Amazon Echo – […]

How to save $60 per year using Amazon Prime subscription for smart home fixtures

How to get more value for your money on your Amazon Prime membership.Amazon Prime is one of the most popular and most flexible subscription plans, and it can be used to buy many different kinds of items.With a few clicks, you can save a few bucks per year by signing up for the service.Amazon offers […]