What’s next for smart homes?

Smart homes are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners and businesses move into new spaces.But how will they fit into our daily lives?In a world of smart thermostats and smart home automation, what will we do to make smart homes more accessible?In the latest episode of “The Smart Tiny House Show,” host and entrepreneur Scott Siegel […]

The Lutron Smart Home Essentials

Smart little homes are all about smart things.From the small size to the ability to keep a smart phone in your pocket or laptop on your lap, there are smart things to get started with.Here’s what you need to know about smart home basics.Smart Things to Get Started WithSmartThings is a home automation service and […]

Why the smart home is a game changer

Smart homes are getting smarter every day.A new study from The Globe and Mail’s Smart Tiny Homes blog suggests that we are on the cusp of a game-changing revolution.The article explains how smart homes will allow us to live in a more intimate and more connected way, and how our homes can play a bigger […]