How to use xfio2 to connect smart home controllers

You’re probably familiar with the concept of a smart home controller: a smart device that allows users to control their living room or living room-sized entertainment system using the internet.The most basic controller currently on the market is the Nest Cam, which can be controlled by a single cable, or the Harmony AV, which is […]

Why I’m Buying A New Smart Home For My Family

New York City’s smart home boom is getting a lot of attention, with people eagerly anticipating the arrival of a new smart home to replace their aging, traditional garages and kitchens.The hype has led to a lot more news, but it also has caused quite a few confusion about what to expect and what to […]

Onit Smart Home innovation unveils new Smart Home features

Onit smart homes are the latest in a series of smart home innovations that are launching on the market today.Onit’s smart home products include its Onit HomeKit, the Onit TV, and the Onits Smart Camera.Onits first smart home product, the ONIT HomeKit 2, is now available for pre-order. Onit says the OniHomeKit 2 will allow you […]