How to Get the Best TV for Your Smart Home

If you want to watch your favorite TV shows and movies on the go, you’re going to need a smart home.If you need to get all the shows you want for just a little bit less than the price of a Roku, you need a vera smart house.Vera is a small but growing company that […]

How to make your smart home smarter with the Raspberry Pi smart home robotics platform

The Raspberry Pi Smart Home Robotics platform is the brains of this world-class smart home automation platform, but there are some limitations that make it unsuitable for use in most home automation scenarios.If you’re planning on adding your own smart home robots, it’s a good idea to consider this Raspberry Pi Robotics Smart Home Robot […]

How to get smart homes into your home

Smart homes are coming to your home.That’s the premise of a new documentary, The Smart Home.In this film, director Robert Krulwich follows a group of smart home enthusiasts as they try to convince consumers to install smart home devices into their homes.The film is part of Krulwag’s broader “smart home” project.He has also launched a […]

Which smart home hub is the best?

The first two smart home hubs on the market are both very good and they both have their own pros and cons.Both offer the same basic feature set.You want an intelligent thermostat that is easily accessible and controllable.You also want a remote that is easy to use.But which is the smart home router that you […]