‘Smart’ AVs can detect and track every move, even if you’re not using them

A new smart home AV from the company Savant lets you see what is happening in your home, even when you’re away.This allows for better home automation and control.A smart home can also use sensors and smart home gadgets to detect and identify things that may be a security risk.This makes for more effective security.The […]

Smart home dashboard to replace Amazon Echo, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Apple Watch

The smart home may not be dead yet, but it is increasingly hard to predict where it will end up.In the past few years, smart devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home have captured much of the attention of consumers.And there are a number of other smart devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S6 and […]

What you need to know about the Vera smart home hub

The Vera Smart Home Hub is a new kind of smart home that connects to a smart home through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.It has the same features and specifications as the Vera Home, but is a completely separate product.But it does have some notable advantages.The Vera Hub is powered by the same open-source platform as the […]

Smart Home TV: New features, new prices, and new trends

A smart home has come a long way from its humble beginnings when televisions used to be connected to the television.With the advent of the internet, and the ability to stream media over the internet at home, these devices have gotten smarter.Now, you can control them through an app, but that’s not the same as […]

Why you should get the Apple Watch ahead of the Galaxy S6 smart watch

Apple is expected to release its next generation of smartwatch in June 2018, according to a report from MacRumors.Apple has been heavily promoting the Watch as a successor to the iPhone 6, and we’ve seen several models launch since then, including the $299 iPhone 6 Plus and the $349 Apple Watch Series 2.With the iPhone […]

LG Smart Home Trends, SmartApps, LgSmartHome

SmartApps and SmartLibraries are smart home tools designed to automate tasks and help manage devices.The first such tool was released on November 8th, 2017, with the LG SmartHome App.Now, in 2018, the LG HomeSmart App is available for download on Google Play, which provides a unified interface to all smart home devices.Today, LG announced that […]

Why smart home ideas are the future of our lives

A smart home is a suite of devices connected to the Internet and connected to each other through wireless networking, that enable devices to be controlled remotely, connected via a Web-based interface, and monitored remotely through a smart home device hub.Smart home ideas for consumers are not yet mainstream, and they are largely unknown outside […]

Sony Home Entertainment announces new smart home sweepers for the Sony Bravia TV series

Sony Home, the world’s largest home entertainment company, announced today that it will be offering a slew of new smart thermostats, smart locks, smart home appliances, smart doorbells, smart smoke detectors and smart door locks to fans of the Sony TV series.The company is offering these gadgets through an exclusive subscription service called PlayStation®Vue.These products […]

How to buy and install smart home products online in under two hours

The world’s biggest home automation company has released a smart home accessory that allows you to easily connect to the internet to control smart home devices.The company, which is backed by Amazon, is offering the Smart Remote to anyone who wants to install their own remote control in their home.The Remote allows users to easily […]

Smart Home Button: Smart Button for smart TVs, smart lights, smart speakers, smart lamps and smart lamps 2.0

The new smart button from Amazon is designed to be used with a smart TV, smart light, smart speaker, smart lamp and smart lamp 2.x.It’s also designed to work with smart home automation systems. Amazon says the button can be controlled with the Amazon Alexa voice assistant, or you can even use it with your smart […]