Toshiba unveils new smart home suite for $1,399

Toshiba announced today that it has introduced a new smart smart home range that includes a $1.399 smart home system, called Toshiba Aura, and a new $1.,399 smart water system that is compatible with the TOSHIBA TOSHIMA TOSOHIA Water and ECO Smart water units.The Toshiba $1 million Aura, which is compatible for $399, will include […]

Pulte says smart home automation system will start shipping in the second half of 2018

Pulté’s smart home system, which uses sensors to monitor everything from temperature to light, will ship later this year, its chief executive officer says.The company will ship the new system, called Smart Home Automation, in late 2018, CEO Ralf Schreiber said in a statement on Monday.Pulte said the system will be able to control lighting, […]

How smart home robots can change the way we live

We are living in a golden age of smart home robotics.There is now so much data on how people interact with their smart home that it is almost impossible to imagine a future without a fully connected smart home.Yet there are also many people who do not believe in these technologies, and they are often […]

CES 2015: The CES Smart Home Button, Smart Home Robot and Smart Home IoT

A lot has happened at CES this year, and I think the show has brought us a bunch of cool new devices and accessories, some of which will be released for the first time at CES.But there are also some cool products that have been out of the spotlight, and we’ve got some more to […]

Smart Home Guide: How to turn your lights on and off and control them with a smart device

This guide is aimed at anyone who has ever wondered what a smart home is all about.We will cover the basics, and then dive into how to turn the lights on or off, control the volume, and even control the lights with your smartphone or tablet.You can also learn how to control the thermostat and […]

iKEA smart home will be unveiled at New York event

NEW YORK (AP) The world’s biggest maker of smart home appliances will unveil a smart home appliance at a New York City event next week.The company’s new Tiemas smart home products are based on Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant technology, and are designed to be controlled from the home via an Alexa-enabled speaker.They include a remote […]

Google is looking for smart home developers to help create a smart home solution for consumers

Smart home automation is an increasingly important area of research in the next few years.The smart home is a great example of this.As people become increasingly interested in using home automation technology to help them save energy, clean up their homes and reduce their energy bills, the opportunities for innovation are limitless.Google is looking to […]

How to buy an MQTT Smart Home device

The MQtt smart homes have been on the market for years and are widely used in the homes of smart home enthusiasts, and many people use them as the base of their home automation system.However, they also offer a lot of flexibility for customizing the home to suit their lifestyle.A few months ago, the MQt […]

How to find the best smart home furniture for your home

How to Find the Best Smart Home Furniture for Your Home Here are some of the smart home essentials you’ll need to find for your house.Smart TV and TV speakersSmart TVsSmart TVs and TVs have become a big part of the home entertainment landscape.From the Roku to the Samsung XBox, smart TVs are everywhere.You can […]

How to use vimar for smart home automation

A new vimar plugin allows smart home devices to access and control smart home control functions remotely via the internet.This plugin was developed by Anil Agarwal, who has been working on the plugin for the past few years.The project was created as part of the Indian IT startup project.Vimar was created by Agarwal after he […]